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 Melissa has enjoyed a professional career in the fitness, health, and wellness industry since 2002.

Through her years of self-exploration and experience with clients she has developed a compassionate understanding of the the state of being human and strives to help people find peace, happiness, and meaning in their lives.

She is well known for her expertise and ability to connect with clients, assess their needs, alleviate their pain and guide them toward resolution.

Her extensive skill-set effectively provides clients with solutions to resolve chronic issues and options to achieve a happier, healthier lifestyle.

Whether you are looking for short term relief or long term resolution, Melissa has a solution for you!

“Just took Melissa’s SMR rolling clinic today. I knew from experience with Melissa it was going to be fabulous. For my sister in law who came with me and is new to this technique, it was exactly what she’s been looking for to help with her back related issues. We’re both looking forward to her December clinic. Thanks, Melissa, for a great class.”

Karen Main

Main & Company Interiors

“Melissa has a gift for connecting with people. Her education and expertise, coupled with her many years of experience, allow her to provide custom solutions for EVERY client, no matter where they are in their Happy Human journey. She is a positive and amazing person to have by your side during any adventure you are facing..”

Brenda Thibodeau

Office Move Pro, St Catharines

“Melissa has changed my life in the most incredible ways. I tried just about everything to get rid of my chronic back pain and then I found Melissa! She worked with me as my personal trainer and helped me form long term eating and exercise habits. Her expertise and patience with me was what I needed to understand why I was in pain and how I could live pain free. When I finished personal training with her I enrolled in her boot camps. She always keeps things fresh and fun, even at 7am! Melissa is constantly watching each person in the camp to make sure they are doing the exercises correctly. Since starting with Melissa I’ve lost over 20 pounds, most importantly I’ve been able to keep it off. I joined her daily online coaching program and learned new habits that are realistic and fit my lifestyle. Melissa has the expertise and strength as a coach to help you reach whatever goal you’re striving for. 100% thankful to have Melissa in my life!”

Greer Kidnie

Flourish Counselling & Creativity