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Solutions to Last a Lifetime

Well, hello there & Welcome!

 I’m Melissa

I have been coaching in one form or another for – oh my – over 25 years!

I coach and assist clients in pain resolution, biomechanical correction, positive mindset, and fitness and nutrition lifestyle. Applying  my skills from a variety of modalities of both Energetic Healing and Physical Wellbeing, my clients are amazed by the long term results they achieve.

To be alongside them as they become happier, healthier, stronger & more confident versions of themselves is soul rewarding.


My passion for fitness & healing was borne from a personal long-time chronic injury and my pursuit of pain resolution.

After achieving an honours diploma in Fitness & Health, I pursued certifications as a Nutrition & Wellness Coach,  Personal & Group Fitness Trainer, TRX Coach, Trigger Point Therapy, Fascial Stretch Therapist and Life Coach. Before retiring from a fun & fulfilling career with Canada’s largest leading company in the fitness industry, I achieved ranking amongst the company’s ‘Top 1000’ Personal Trainers company wide.

I continued my education journey into the areas of Quantum Physics, Energy Healing and Therapeutic Touch where I earned accreditation as a Certified Quantum Touch Practitioner and AquaLead Energy Healing Master.

The sense of fulfillment I get from helping people feel better will always fuel my desire for continued learning. I am a dedicated lifetime learner! There is always something new and interesting to learn and incorporate into my style and technique.

 I created  Happy  Humans by Melissa out of a passion to inspire my fellow humans to re-engage with life. To break away from the status quo cycle – to hope, to dream, to live life again. Just as I did.

My education, skills & experience combined with my gift of patience & intuition create an experience as unique as you are.  I will safely guide your mind, body & energy  toward living life on your terms – stronger, healthier & happier than ever before!

What is Fascial Stretch Therapy?

Fascial Stretch Therapy describes and explains a unique system of manual therapy, which has proved to be highly successful in the treatment of common neuromyofascial imbalances, disorders and dysfunctions. First developed by Ann & Chris Frederick in the early 1990s, the method is now recognized for restoring and maintaining healthy neurological, musculoskeletal and fascial systems.